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Design of a shelf display for VC Bosch   Design of a shelf display for VC Bosch   
Dior imitation of perfume bottle   
Jaguar test-drive   
 Adhesive stickers Lufthansa   
Mineral Sense   
Table display for Parliament sigarets with lighting   
Printed materials    Paper bag    Galaxy S   Corby   LaFleur   
Decoration of a kids zone Auchan Mytishi   
Leaflet rack BINBANK   Holder for VIP cards BINBANK   Leaflet rack BINBANK   
 Gift cards Business the fairway and Social Council   
 The agendas for the company Garden ring   Paper folder for the    
Android fiberglass construction   
Mockup of a mount   
 Cardboard boxes for wine glasses   VSK awarding certificates      
Table for meeting room    
Drops of paint - model   
New year 2014 calendar   Design development for innovation fire protact Pirosticker   Design development for innovation fire protact Pirosticker   Nest in a transparent oil   Table for the meeting room