Do promoters attract attention of potential consumers? Have you given a thought to this?

Now more and more companies try to find new approaches to communication with the target audience:

- it can be the presentation of a product to a consumer without promoters/consultants, that is, excluding any human factor;
- it can be a product demonstration featuring certain product benefits.

Interactive communication is a quickly developing direction in BTL.

Modern technologies allow to produce scaled-up copies of goods in which all original shapes and colors are kept.

Computers and video equipment allow to recreate a scaled-up copy of a product on an interactive stand with the help of which independent promotion is realized.

The use of fiberglass and carbon fiber gives plenty of possibilities in terms of production or completion of retail or exhibition equipment of any size or shape.

Interactive stands can be used in different segments: FMSG, auto dealers, household appliances and digital equipment, and with their help one can deliver information on any product without a promoter.

We use fiber glass/ carbon fiber in our production as main materials. These materials are universal and have plenty of advantages.

Fiber glass/ carbon fiber is an eco-friendly material (it is used for children’s playgrounds), it has small unit weight, it is a heat-resistant and weather-proof material, it is painted following the car technology (aerography can be applied), constructions made of these materials are easy to repair.

Thanks to these characteristics, products made of these materials can be used both indoors and outside.

We produce solid figures of any level of complexity, of any shape or size – from an automobile part to a yacht.

You can find realized projects in the section “Portfolio”.